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ANGIO Mentor Suite

Provides a true-to-life Cath Lab/ ANGIO Suite clinical environment with a full body mannequin and a large fluoroscopy/vital signs monitor – ideal for multi-disciplinary team training.
The system allows tool introduction from 5 optional access sites, and is ergonomically designed to allow table height adjustment and C-arm control panel position.



A cost-effective solution with interchangeable anatomical models to support arthroscopic training curricula for various anatomical joints.

  • Interchangeable knee/shoulder/hip models
  • Moveable knee that can be extended/bent and applied with Varus/Valgus movements
  • Shoulder arthroscopy in beach chair and lateral decubitus positions
  • Hip arthroscopy in supine and lateral decubitus positions
  • Robotic arms that provide a true-to-life haptic sensation
  • Adjustable platform height to achieve a realistic working position
  • Physical instruments (camera, grasper and stylus) that simulate real tools with additional virtual tools
  • Foot pedals


The BRONCH Mentor™ provides a true to life working environment using an authentic scope with tactile feedback, and realistic visualization displayed on a 24” touch screen.
The flexible system configuration supports either lateral or posterior working positions for either team or solo training.
A physical syringe enables realistic fluids delivery and BAL performance, while a physical master tool simulates a wide variety of bronchoscopic tools, such as biopsy forceps, cytology brush, aspirating needle, balloon, electrocautery probes and more.
Since the master tool requires user activation both in the working channel and of the tool handle, it is optimal for team training; solo trainees can use the virtual activation feature as an additional pair of hands.

  • A younger brother to Simbionix well established GI-BRONCH Mentor – The GI Mentor™Express.
  • An elegant portable platform featuring the most advanced GI Endoscopy simulation.
  • The GI Mentor Express is offered in several configurations for enhanced flexible pricing.

LAP Mentor

Simbionix delivers advanced simulation-based laparoscopic training using innovative learning tools. The LAP Mentor simulators provide cost-effective solutions suitable for various settings. Each platform is fully compatible with all simulation modules from basic laparoscopic tasks and suturing (with interchangeable suturing handles), to complete procedure training. The LAP Mentor platform enables constant addition of new modules.



PELVIC Mentor™ is an integrated hybrid system that combines a physical mannequin with a computerized 3D virtual system.
The innovative PELVIC Mentor’s utilizes sensors that are placed on the trainee’s finger. These sensors, combined with the mannequin and the 3D picture, enable the trainee to obtain a real-time indication of the finger palpation, abdominal press and cervix manipulation during anatomical recognition phase, or while performing a pelvic exam.
The system tracks the trainee’s movements and provides a full performance report on the progress and level of the trainee.



The PERC Mentor™ platform, designed for realistic training, includes a mannequin that represents the virtual patient’s torso approached from the back. Two interchangeable cartridges fitted with life-like layers of epidermis and underlying tissue combined with simulated ribs that provide the haptic perception, provide the physical system for percutaneous puncturing. The different cartridges enable practice on either normal or obese patients, and allow access to the right or left side. Two authentic needles sized 15 cm and 21 cm are provided for use on the two virtual patients during the simulated procedures to allow for a true-to life realistic simulation.



The RobotiX Mentor Advanced Training System

  • Authentic representation of the surgeon console workspace, master controllers and pedals
  • Accurate robot kinematics, tools and workspace
  • Adjustable elements provide a comfortable and ergonomic working position
  • A 3D HD stereoscopic personal display providing life-like graphics
  • An instructor monitor can be positioned separately for best group viewing
  • Setup options suitable for individual and team training
  • The only simulator to provide complete robotic procedure simulated cases
  • A comprehensive multidisciplinary training curriculum from basic skills and suturing to complete VR clinical procedures
  • Ever-expanding content for diverse medical specialties provides the user with the most value
  • Developed in close collaboration with the medical community to ensure accuracy


The U/S Mentor™ simulator combines realistic male / female mannequins with true-to-life external landmarks and realistic virtual patients for the practice of scanning and diagnosing various anatomies and pathologies.