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Clario. Mobility and reliability.

The Clario suction pump provides easy to use and highly mobile suction for home healthcare teams and patients in need of airway suctioning. The Clario's clever engineering makes this procedure easy.

  • Clario has a threefold hygienic design that prevents secretions from entering the pump.
  • Clario’s lightweight design means it can be taken everywhere.
  • Clario is easy to use as it has three preset vacuum levels.

Vario 18

Vario 18. Versatility and convenience.

The Vario 18 is a medical suction pump all-rounder for hospitals, clinics and homecare, offering dependability, low noise and mobility.

  • Vario 18 is both portable and silent and can therefore be used at the patient`s bedside.
  • Vario 18 can be used with either a Disposable or a Reusable Collection System.
  • Vario 18 offers a range of features that facilitate handling.


Simply Swiss

The Basic high-vacuum suction pump is our most simplistic system for procedures in hospitals, clinics and medical practices demanding a high-vacuum setting, such as neurosurgery, airway suction, endoscopy, liposuction, wound drainage and vacuum assisted cesarean/delivery.

As experts in medical vacuum technology, the Medela Basic is a truly innovative and uniquely designed suction pump, offering new standards in hygiene, ease of use and low noise levels.

  • Basic offers simplicity: designed for optimised hygiene and ease of use.
  • Basic delivers rapid vacuum build-up at a low noise level.
  • Swiss ingenuity for performance, quality and reliability you can depend on.

Dominant Flex

The Power of choice

Dominant Flex is our latest innovation in high-vacuum suction pumps. With one-touch adaptable flow rates, more procedures can now be carried out using just one pump.

Designed for use in hospitals, clinics and medical practices, the Dominant Flex is a good choice for techniques requiring variable flow rates in general surgery, neurosurgery, endoscopy, vacuum assisted cesarean/delivery, liposuction and wound drainage.

  • Dominant Flex: the first Medela suction pump offering you true flexibility. Adaptable flow rates to suit your needs, allowing for faster vacuum build-up or quieter operation.
  • Innovative functional and modern design that meets the highest Swiss quality and reliability standards.
  • Provides optimised hygiene and reduced cleaning time due to intelligent construction, CleanTouch on/off buttons and a minimum number of easily accessible parts.


Thopaz. Functionality and simplicity.

With Thopaz, a new standard in thoracic drainage therapy is set. Based on the patient's air leak, regulated negative pressure is applied close to the patient's chest. A digital display shows actual and long-term data to allow for timely and objective decisions in chest tube management by healthcare professionals.

  • Early patient mobilization encourages quicker patient recovery after surgery.
  • Objective data helps to advance decision making for chest tube management.
  • Important monitoring functions provide peace of mind.

Invia Liberty

Invia Liberty. The flexible solution for Negative Pressure Wound Therapy.

Invia Liberty`s innovative design delivers excellent functionality with simple set up and easy operation. It can be used both at the hospital and at home, making transition easy and avoiding extra instruction time for patients. Therapy data can be checked on the built-in LCD screen or stored and uploaded to a PC.

  • One-touch canister release button.
  • Disposable canisters 300ml and 800 ml.
  • Easy to read LCD screen.
  • Double lumen tubing with integrated protection filter and tube clamp.

Disposable Collection Systems

Disposable Collection Systems. Easy to use and hygienic.

The Disposable Collection System offers a whole range of advantages. A one-piece liner is simply placed in the jar. Logistical requirements are reduced by having only two liner sizes, 1.5 l and 2.5 l. The system offers an overflow protection/bacteria filter integrated in each liner as well as a non-return valve to prevent back-flow.

  • Easy set up - ready to use in seconds.
  • Liner can be removed from jar independently from vacuum tubing.
  • Overflow protection/bacteria filter in each liner.

Disposable Suction Cup

Single Use Bird Cup

  • Polycarbonate version of the reusable Bird Cup.
  • Traction handle can be tilted for use when the fetus is in the occiputo-anterior or posterior position.
  • 50 mm size.

Disposable Suction Cup

Single Use Silc Cup

  • Attaches gently to fetal scalp.
  • Smooth surface with longitudinal ridge makes it possible to observe rotation.
  • Made of thermoplastic elastomer, 60 mm size.

Reusable Suction Cup

Malmström Cups

  • Successfully sold and used for decades.
  • Used when the fetus is in the occiputo-anterior position.
  • Cup design allows for good seal to help minimise pop-offs.
  • Autoclavable stainless steel.
  • 40, 50 and 60 mm sizes.

Reusable Suction Cup

Birds Cups

  • Most widely sold suction cup.
  • Based on the design of the Malmström Cup, with separate suction and traction ports.
  • Autoclavable stainless steel.
  • 40, 50 and 60 mm sizes.